Invest In USA


In this section, we will give you an explanation on the reason that people from all over the world are so interested to establish their business in the United States or at least make an investment in US Market. The parameters that govern the US economy and the business environment have been implemented to provide investors with best flexibility, high security, Market dynamics, and great profitability.

Largest Business Market Worldwide

Doing Business in the United States offers the investors with largest consumer market in the world with approximately GDP of $18 trillion and 320 million people. Moreover, the average Household spending is considered the highest worldwide. USA has signed free trade agreements with 20 other countries that provide enhanced and secured access to hundreds of millions of additional consumers. In fact, the United States keep on working with foreign partners to increase opportunities for U.S. exporters.

Various Resources

It is quite known that the United States is home to wide and various locations for natural resources; including natural gas and petroleum. Those diverse geographic zones are properly connected by an expansive infrastructure network and backed by hi-tech services that help business firms be productive.

The Innovation Leader

Considered as recognized leader among other nations; in research and development (R&D). The United States continues in registering more international patents than any other country in the world. Based on today’s traditions, the innovators are protected by a strong intellectual property regulation. However, the trend for tomorrow is enabling the innovators utilizing the tremendous tools at leading universities and incubators across the nation. Business Companies help make innovation in the United States a global enterprise, that assure more benefits and contribution into a flourishing ecosystem for invention.

Workers Talent

Workers in different industries in the U.S Market are considered the best among others in the world. They are most productive, diverse, and skilled. The U.S. workforce is also innovative, and mobile. The United States has set a priority to collaborative mechanisms with all business organizations to ensure that the workforce is able to meet the future needs of the business progress.

Flexibility Of Doing Business

The United States is a stable democracy with a high transparent and predictable legal system. this privilege indicates the best competitive and flexible environment for doing business that is provided to all companies regardless its nationality. Furthermore, the United States regulatory environment will lead to ease of starting business utilizing the flexibility and free competition terms that consistency put the United States ranking the best worldwide.

Easy Access To Capital

A wide range of funding sources; for example, banks, Venture Capitalists, and investment Entities as well as Investors of different types are well established and serving in the U.S Market, which makes the United States a host for the most advanced, liquid, and efficient financial markets in the world. This feature gives an advantage to business companies in U.S market for effective innovation and expansion in business. Easy access to capital is an important reason Investors choose to run business in the U.S. market.

The US Office program can be easily customized, based on your specified case and desires, to include the proper setup for your “Invest in USA” and “Live in USA” Program Modules via all related counselling services provided by our experts’ team.  The outcome also covers Family move process and detailed information regarding the selected Investment program.

Investment Privileges with US Office

By going through details and illustration of the US Office program content, you will figure out that you will have three major modules that enable you achieve your goals and objectives in a very easy and manageable way leading you to a real success in both your business and social lives. The Module of Invest in USA via the US Office program can be easily providing you with the following benefits:


Choose or modify an Idea for your business in US Market

Identify Your Team and their respective role

Write the Marketing Plan

Come Up with A Business and pricing models within the US regulations

Identify your Milestones and Metric


Write a comprehensive description on company, business, products, and competition

Present your market analysis based on your scope of business

Describe your marketing and sales strategies

Outline your financial projections

Choose or modify an Idea for your business in US Market

Write your executive summary


Help in recommending certain business ideas or provide advices on type of business

Provide tremendous and continuous technical support via VOFFICE cloud base library

Forward a valuable information regarding Investment in US Market and its terms

The ability of downgrade or upgrade the ICT Infrastructure to coop with your business

Establish an ongoing business consultation with you

Investment Opportunities with US Office

Doing Business in the United States offers Entrepreneurs with tremendous alternatives to choose from in terms of the different business opportunities, and the flexibility of which State to invest in. Furthermore, US Office program offers you real investment opportunities in US Market with highest return on Investment (ROI) and highly secured business operation among all running business projects.

Consequently, our Experts Team can present comprehensive reports and presentations to you illustrating more details on the recommended business model that best suits you out of our running projects nationwide. Provided that such projects are featuring highest profitability and secured investment. The description of any business model and its related financial projections will always be available for all Entrepreneurs upon their request

The Module of Invest in USA, will provide you with many amazing ongoing opportunities in different industries which easily support your investment criteria and obtain considerable profit margins. The available investment opportunities are as follows:

Reality Capital

Many Worldwide Entrepreneurs, believe that the US real estate market is very dynamic business model. In fact, it gives them a great opportunity to get a high return on Investment (ROI) and to maintain their business continuity. This real estate market has been positively affected by the rapid demographic shifts, financial trends and the technological development.

The US real estate industry will continue in 2017-2018, to make a huge growth. There will be much more construction spending, in residential buildings, commercial properties and other non-residential real estate sector. This trend will increase the suggested prices of commercial properties

The Realty Capital projects through US Office Program offers our clients distinguished services and reliable information by expertise in many aspects including brokerage, property management, development and investment.  We also have a dynamic access to several US real estate entities which in turn provide clients access to services across the 50 state Country.

We deliver expert investment services to our clients, keeping our promise to maintain their Investment Pattern running efficiently and help them gaining much more profit with manageable risk.

Educational Investment 

The US Education is considered a $1.5 trillion industry. Its growth is approximately 5 percent annually. Such industry is very attractive to some investors who are aware of the parameters that govern the progress of the US Education system and the profitability ratios that increases significantly. For-profit companies, investment in education requires certain tasks or services to be provided  such as tutoring, day care, and test preparation. Private firms are also targeting specific niches of corporate training and textbook publishing.

With the US Office Program, we are targeting the Pre-Learning Child Care / Day Care Business Model:

As standard definition, the Child care or day care is the care provided to a child during the day by a person other than the child’s legal guardians, such task is performed by someone outside the child’s immediate family.

The daycare industry varies from just a personal parental care to large, regulated institutions. In a market, such the United States the DayCare industry is significantly large and the need for the day care services in a large regulated nursery or institution are increasing rapidly which in turn create a great opportunity for Entrepreneurs to invest and gain remarkable return, obtain sustainability, and eliminate the risk factors.

Seniors Business Model

The US Office Program implemented a Seniors Business Model which is combining the Healthcare services with long-term residence care and benefits of assisted living community.

In fact, the senior population has increased in the last twenty years in the United States and seniors are living longer than ever before. The set of provided services for them includes recreational, educational as well as social activities. In addition to, an extensive information and referral service, a nutrition program, counselling, and coordination of services.

Furthermore, this specific business model has its own objectives and ethical values which are:

  1. Seniors are identified as a valuable asset
  2. Seniors strengthen our community
  3. Seniors need more social, emotional, educational and recreational opportunities
  4. Seniors should have been treated respectfully and with dignity

Accordingly, based on all above factors, the Investment in such sector will ensure high profitability

Whether focusing on Healthcare model or participating in so many real estate business models that are developed for institutional nursing and assisted living community with multi-million dollars’ budget.

Health Care Investment 

In the US Market; the healthcare Investment has a tremendous opportunity and generous return. We decided to include this business model in our US Office program being aware that the healthcare sector is made up of many different industries; starting with pharmaceuticals and devices ending with health insurance and hospitals and each has different dynamics. Moreover, the Investors can obtain the profit from either investment in specific sector and/or its industries

There are many important trends that have an impact on investment in this sector which include:

  1. The aging population as well as the baby boomers 
  2. People living longer with some chronic disease
  3. The epidemics of obesity and diabetes
  4. The advances of technology
  5. The global reach of some diseases
  6. The Personalized Medicine

Any Investor would like to utilize US Office program to participate in up and running Investment projects in this sector will measure the considerable growth of spending and productivity of this sector and the promising profitability with sustainability that the investor will gain.


Franchise Investment provides, in many cases, a proven model of business that first-time owners can rely upon. Besides a franchisee playbook, parent companies also offer ongoing support and assistance in the form of marketing, technical help and sourcing, for instance. That said, some of the best franchises aren’t the most well-known or even the sexiest of concepts. But then again, investors should not be buying into a concept based on brand name or concept idea alone. It’s about profitability, and in most cases, working at a job a franchisee has deep passion for that shows in the business they run.

When choosing a franchise, you want to find a business that produces quality products and services for consumers. Some factors to consider when choosing a franchise are the initial investment, capital requirements, business financing, current trends and the amount of time it will take to get your business up and running. Browse through our top business opportunities and request more information on the franchises that interest you most.

The US Office Program support the detailed description and criteria for Franchise business and the best methodology to establish your franchise business assuring long term stability with high quality services, secured operation, variety of products and service, marketing strategies, and high return on Investment

Green Novel Technology

In the current situation, green technologies are playing very significant role in changing the course of nation’s economic growth while leading to more sustainability and providing an alternative socio-economic model. Such model will enable present and future generations to live in a clean and healthy environment, generating a real harmony with nature.

Green technology, which is also known as clean technology, refers to the development and extension of processes, practices, and applications that improve or replace the existing technologies facilitating society to meet their own needs while substantially decreasing the impact of human on the planet, and reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities.

The US Office Program support the detailed description and criteria of this great investment opportunity

Accordingly, based on all above the Investment in such sector will ensure high profitability, obtain generous ROI and guaranteed sustainability for the business entity