How it works

The US Office Process


US Office program a perfect Solution

The US Office program is a perfect Solution, that has been offered in three scalable modules, to give you a great opportunity to establish your business having a secured and direct access to the leading and greatest market in the globe; the US Market.

Furthermore, The US Office program can be easily customized, based on your specific case, to include the proper setup for your “Invest in USA” and “Live in USA” Program Modules.

Based on above criteria, USO has implemented an easy and efficient PROTOCOL that any Entrepreneur shall apply to successfully proceed in utilizing all features and benefits of the USO program with assurance of getting the most considerable outcome.


A- USO Stepping Stones







EASY 5 Steps


You May Check your Eligibility at any time while browsing the USO Program. It is quite easy however, essential and primary step you need to perform prior to utilize the USO features.


After being Eligible, and for best beneficial and secured access to all USO modules, you just go ahead and create your own account identifying your basic details.


Our experts team are always available in case you need to schedule for 30 minute- free consultation that perfectly identify your case; or for further details and clarification that you may request regarding the US Office program features and opportunities.


By going through details and illustration of the US Office program after accomplishment of both Check Eligibility and Free Consultation. You will be able to review several packages of services that have been created to properly suite various Entrepreneurs candidates. Accordingly, you will be easily capable of selecting the most proper package for your case.

Business Structuring

Our Experts team will perform all needed processes to establish your Business Entity in the United States that comply with all US Federal regulations. The Incorporation process will include forming and Naming your business, Tax IDs’ and Filing, License, and all legal Forms. We will strengthen your startup business with a perfect cloud based set of services and tools

B- USO Milestones


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We will help you transform all your business ideas and concepts into reality by creating a perfect Business Plan for you with a realistic vision and reliable scope of operation. Which in turn indicates best accuracy in identifying Financial Forecast thus building a Proper Business Identity.

Physical Landing

Our Experts team will perform all needed processes to establish your Business Entity in the United States. Moreover, they will strengthen your startup business in the US market by enabling you to gain the most outcome of the following provided functions:

Physical Landing of your Business Ideas and Concepts

Incorporation of your Business Entity in USA

Utilizing Our Top Offered Virtual Office Services

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Run & Invest

We will guide you through the best scenario that gives you the opportunity to efficiently run your business in USA and proceed in developing your investment. Furthermore, The US Office program offers you real investment opportunities with highest return on Investment (ROI) and highly secured business operation among all running business projects in the United States. This will serve you with:

A Perfect Business Plan and Comprehensive Marketing Plan

Full awareness of US Market parameters and Activities

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Live in USA

We are perfectly capable to provide you with a high-quality level of Counselling service that may include but not limited to the following:

Provide a detailed information that help you identify the best living options in USA

The Counselling service will continue during the Filing, Setup, and Family move

Full assessment on your case guiding you to properly fit into US VISA regulations

The US Office Benefits


There is no doubt that investment in US market will generate more productivity and gain more profit. Moreover, doing business in USA via US Office Program will definitely, open a wide scope of opportunities for Entrepreneurs either in business direction or in personal benefits.

In addition to providing Entrepreneurs and their families a tremendous opportunity for best lifestyle, best education system, and Innovation appreciation. The following are list of those benefits:

Great Opportunity to have an Office in US Market; utilizing top advantages to run business.

You will have direct access on American traders as well as other International business firms.

US Office with business tools will support your overall business growth and profitability.

Wide range of provided services will empower your overall business operation and Stability.

Your access to capital is guaranteed through our program business tools.

Ease of Getting into the world of latest technology and top technical support.

Huge accessibility to Information and all types of Databases that support your decisions

Deliver tremendous Investment Opportunities in different industries to grant you best ROI

USO Program are perfectly implemented to facilitate the Integration feature of all modules to those Entrepreneurs who are interested in Establishing their business, as well as utilizing “Invest In USA” and “Live In USA” modules without any complications in procedures.

The offered solution includes diverse packages of services that are quite Affordable

Why Choose Us

This program has been implemented and proposed to serve Entrepreneurs who have the interest and the eligibility to establish their business in the United States regardless where they originally came from. We will guide you through the best scenario that fits your eligibility into the US Office Program. Our experts team are always available in case you need to schedule for 30 minute- free consultation; or for further details and clarification that you may request regarding the US Office program. After Entrepreneur is eligible for such program we will TAKE OVER and do the whole job on your behalf due to all predefined terms. The outcome will include the following benefits:

Help in Landing Entrepreneurs ideas into a successful Business environment securely

Share in Entrepreneurs setup for their business entities (Admin and legal)

Provide a set of business and technology tools that enable productive operation

Provide state of the art business applications that help them run their business efficiently

Face lifting and Business Process Re-Engineering for up and running business

Implement and create a perfect business plan that satisfy framework for Investment in USA

Deliver the required official documents that are related to US Business Entity Incorporation

No Extra Expenses are needed to build an ICT Infrastructure for your Business operation.

Utilizing maximum security protocol while running any business tool or Application

Get distinguished level of Counselling services to ensure eligibility of your case with USCIS