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US Office develops effective and reliable solutions to help Entrepreneurs best establishing their Businesses work environment and maintain their progress.

The US Office Modules

Build Your US Office

It becomes more fast and simple to proceed securely in building your US Office via our program without having much more concern on how and when you may do that. Simply, we are your consultant to do the whole job on your behalf. You also won’t be ever concerned about planning for Invest and Live in USA.

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Invest In USA

The Module of Invest in USA via the US Office program can be easily helping you to achieve your goals and objectives in a very easy and manageable way leading you to a real success in both your business and social lives.

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Live In USA

By immigrating to the USA or even start living in with a temporary Work VISA, you can provide your family with an amazing lifestyle with diverse culture, innovative communities and an opportunity to get the most comprehensive education system.

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The US Office Process


US Office program a perfect Solution

The US Office program is a perfect Solution, that has been offered in three scalable modules, to give you a great opportunity to establish your business having a secured and direct access to the leading and greatest market in the globe; the US Market.

Furthermore, The US Office program can be easily customized, based on your specific case, to include the proper setup for your “Invest in USA” and “Live in USA” Program Modules.

Based on above criteria, USO has implemented an easy and efficient PROTOCOL that any Entrepreneur shall apply to successfully proceed in utilizing all features and benefits of the USO program with assurance of getting the most considerable outcome.




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Why Choose Us

This program has been implemented and proposed to serve Entrepreneurs who have the interest and the eligibility to establish their business in the United States regardless where they originally came from. We will guide you through the best scenario that fits your eligibility into the US Office Program. Our experts team are always available in case you need to schedule for 30 minute- free consultation; or for further details and clarification that you may request regarding the US Office program. After Entrepreneur is eligible for such program we will TAKE OVER and do the whole job on your behalf due to all predefined terms. The outcome will include the following benefits:

Help in Landing Entrepreneurs ideas into a successful Business environment securely

Share in Entrepreneurs setup for their business entities (Admin and legal)

Provide a set of business and technology tools that enable productive operation

Provide state of the art business applications that help them run their business efficiently

Face lifting and Business Process Re-Engineering for up and running business

Implement and create a perfect business plan that satisfy framework for Investment in USA

Deliver the required official documents that are related to US Business Entity Incorporation

No Extra Expenses are needed to build an ICT Infrastructure for your Business operation.

Utilizing maximum security protocol while running any business tool or Application

Get distinguished level of Counselling services to ensure eligibility of your case with USCIS

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Our expert team are always available in case you need to schedule for 30 minutes free consultation for more details, clarification and will guide you to the best scenario that fits your eligibility with MY US OFFICE program. Once you set the preferred time slot with our online system our agent will shortly contact you to start the free 30 min consultation.

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